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I'm Paolo Redaelli, who began programming on a Commodore 64 and then on Amiga. I discovered GNU and freedom in information technology when I bought GeekGadgets for Amiga, a port of the most popular development tools and utilities from the Free Software Foundation (FSF), BSD and other sources. During IPISA (Incontro Programmatori Italiani Sistemi Amiga, italian amiga programmers meeting) in 1997 I met Richard Stallman; with his talk he taught us what means to seek freedom in IT Rudi Chiarito was working on the Amiga port of SmallEiffel; at MIPSA he suggested me to study Eiffel and Meyer's "Object Oriented Software Construction". I'm now a structural civil engineer with a strong toward Quality Management Systems so I found the cleanness of Eiffel and its Design by contract tecnique really useful to write bugfree correct software. My efforts in Liberty are to provide access to the widest possible set of wrappers and binding to widespread libraries: one of the main reasons Eiffel didn't become widespread is that there weren't enought libraries.