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Privacy statement

  • does not need nor uses any cookies.
  • does not sell nor passes on any personal information it may have gathered.
  • the server infrastructure used to host creates and saves the normal Apache web access log files. These files are used to monitor and improve our services, none of the information gathered this way is used for marketing purposes.
  • all of can be accessed anonymously. If you choose to become an active contributor, your email address is required to be able to provide you with a corresponding password. If you decide to go this route, you provide that information at your own discretion
  • the Liberty Eiffel sources are hosted by SAVANNAH.GNU.ORG and replicated to GITHUB.COM, both hosted outside of Europe. uses these services to store the Liberty Eiffel source code repository, but has no influence or say in how these sites manage or use the data stored on their infrastructure. On both sites you are free to download the sources anonymously. If you choose to become an active contributor, to be granted writing access to the repository, you'd need to provide information like name and email address at those non-European sites, and you'd do so at your own discretion.