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se is the only tool you need to know about. It is also the only tool that needs to be put in your load path ($PATH on Unix/Linux, %PATH% on Windows...)


  • se <tool> [options]
  • se -help shows the available tools
  • se -version shows the version of each tool

The tool can be either one of the standard tools, or one you add for your own purposes. The standard tools are:

  • c: the standard compiler that creates an executable using a C compiler as back-end
  • c2c: the standard compiler core, that produces C files
  • clean: remove the useless C files
  • doc: the project documentation tool that produces HTML
  • test: the unit testing tool
  • short: the class documentation tool that produces an interface summary
  • pretty: the class beautifier / formatter
  • find: the class finder
  • class_check: the class syntax and semantics checker
  • ace_check: the ACE file checker
  • x_int: the introspective objects extractor

The options are those of the respective tools.