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Concise usage guide for contributors to the LibertyEiffelWiki.

Everyone is invited to participate in the creation of the documentation of LibertyEiffel in this wiki. Just ask on the mailing list for an account.

The text below is from SmartEiffel wiki and not up to date.

Beyond being a place of research, exchange and sharing of information, the principle objective of the SmartEiffelWiki consists of producing a real book that can be printed, if desired, on paper. The program capable of verifying and then automatically extracting the Grand SmartEiffel Book doesn't exist yet, but if we follow a few conventions and editing rules that will become possible. Of course, the Grand SmartEiffel Book will always be available in electronic form.

The topics addressed (and what should be addressed) in the Grand Book

First and foremost, that which concerns Eiffel and SmartEiffel. Without pretending otherwise, it's a matter of promoting Eiffel as well as programming with contracts in Eiffel. And equally it's to educate about Eiffel and to make Eiffel known. All topics tied to Software Engineering are equally welcome in the Grand SmartEiffel Book: testing techniques with Eiffel, program validation with Eiffel, object oriented programming concepts with Eiffel, (etc. with Eiffel).

If the topic that you wish to address in the Grand SmartEiffel Book doesn't have anything to do with Eiffel, don't be surprised if perchance your article is rejected. You have been warned!

Conventions that we should follow

A certain number of conventions to follow have already been mentioned in the FAQ of the Grand SmartEiffel Book. The conventions and rules which follow should be equally respected.

Place each page in the "Table of contents"

Except for purely interactive pages, the vast majority of pages should find their place in the "Table of contents" page. In fact, only the pages referenced in the "Table of contents" will become part of the printed version of the Grand SmartEiffel Book.

Of course, a Wiki is by its nature a place of discussion and exchange. Certain pages should therefore be utilized for these interactions and exchanges and should not be included in the Grand SmartEiffel Book. So, the pages of the SmartEiffelWiki will be classified into two categories. The Book category for pages to go into the Grand SmartEiffel Book. The Community category for pages intended, for example, for news, discussions and/or exchanges in progress.

Using English as the pivot language

Besides page names, it is simpler to always use the same language, and so to use English, for all similar page items like navigation tags. This is a good example with respect to this rule. We note that following this rule is nearly as important as following the rule for having page names in English. Like page names, navigation tags can also be made part of the URL and so also serve as a means of correspondence between different translations.