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This whish list is obsolete, please use the ticket system for bugs and tasks on savannah. 

Exception handling

==> task:13316 / DONE


I don't think this is worth a task, as eiffeldoc already is an example for EXTERNAL_TOOL. --Ramack (talk)

Class TREE

Is it worth a ticket? -> I don't think so. it's too unspecific what TREE should be good for. --Ramack (talk)

Incremental Eiffel compilation

On C level the code is "incrementally" compiled ;-) But no, there will not be a redesign in near future. So we should better drop this request. --Ramack (talk)

New keyword "attribute"?

==> task:13319 / DONE

Finally implementing SCOOP?

==> task:13317

Make generated C code thread-safe?

==> task:13320

TUPLE argument in feature 'call' of class PROCEDURE

==> task:13318 / DONE