Release Checklist

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This is WIP. Please update if you think of any missing detail. The target is to include all necessary command line commands (where applicable)

  • cleanup Testsuite
  • create new bootstrap germ code
  • create a local branch for the next release
git branch bell
  • create a bell branch in the github repo (via web interface?)
  • push it to savannah
git checkout bell
git push upstream bell
  • remove all tools and libraries which are not sufficiently mature to be included in the release
    • for Bell these are:
cluster smarteiffel/generation/run
edc-new, edc
mock, effect tool? (at least we have no documentation about them, have they been in adler?)
wrappers: cairo, database/postgresql, ewlc, llvm, zmq, xml
  • switch ET to use the new branch
  • create release candidate
git tag <release_name>-rc1
work/packaging/ -rc1
  • collect RC feedback on our mailing list
  • create the final release tag
git tag <release_name>
  • create release debian packages
work/packaging/ -release
  • create tarball and put on FTP server
  • write announce email to our mailing list and as news on savannah
  • switch ET back to use the master branch
  • prepare changelog for the third release
  • plan the next release (tickets on savannah)