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Note: this documentation is not meant to replace the eiffeldoc pages.

Basic libraries

  • lib/kernel: the few classes that the compiler directly depends upon
  • lib/abilities: add features to your classes that other library classes may depend upon
  • lib/io: the input-output system, complete with some back-ends and a filter system
  • lib/storage: the many containers (collections, lists, sets and so on)
  • lib/numeric: anything about numbers: computer-oriented (INTEGER) or real math-oriented (NUMBER)
  • lib/string: 8-bit and unicode characters and strings

Algorithmics, control of the execution stream, data structures

  • lib/exec: start and control an external process, complete with its standard streams
  • lib/sequencer: interleaving computations (on a single cpu core, yet no threads involved)
  • lib/signal: using agents to signal events

Extensions to input-output, interfaces

  • lib/net: network access; write an HTTP server in a few lines
  • lib/html: HTML input-output
  • lib/xml: an XML parser