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Note: this documentation is not meant to replace the eiffeldoc pages.

The backtracking cluster

This cluster has at least three ideas: backtracking, backtracking and backtracking.

What is backtracking? Imagine that you are a mouse in a maze and that you have to find food. Each time that you fall in the bottom of the way, you have to backtrack until the previous cross and continue with the next issue or if all the issues were explored, to backtrack again and again.

Backtracking is of general purpose for searchs. There are many applications of the algorithm of backtracking and many algorithms can be rewritten as backtracking problems.

The backtracking cluster is easy to use. It allows you to create quickly a solution to your complex problem, a solution that can be improved later, if needed, by specialisation.

The main class too look at is BACKTRACKING.