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help wanted

who can help?

Every one can help.

You can help the SmartEiffel project in several ways. (developpers, test, documentation -this wiki-)

How to help to documentation?

Please feel free to improve these pages in the WIKI.

How to help to test?

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How to help to test?

If you are a developper interrested to contribute to SmartEiffel, please read the following instructions:

  1. Browse the list below of the identified needed feature. Some of this feature request are documented (follow the link) and some are not.
  2. Choose the one you want to do.
  3. Contact SmartEiffel team to discuss with them about if some one is already involved and about how SE team feels it.
  4. Write the code and the tests that are coming with (here we think that test based developpment is the must).
  5. Submit frequently your work to have quick feedback on it.
  6. Please consider that submission can be rejected for reasons that will be explained.
  7. Please consider also that un wnated submissions are very welcome.

list of the requested features (june 6, 2005)

  • block file reading and writing
  • bidirectionnal iterators
  • unicode characters
  • support of the localisation
  • support of non blocking I/O
  • support of time granted jobs
  • improvement of HTTP_SERVER
  • binary repository
  • improvement of the binaries I/O
  • ...