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Interested in the Eiffel language and the Liberty compiler?

First of all you are invited to use Liberty for developing your own applications. If you encounter any problem, just raise your voice and get in touch with us. We are here to fix your issues and support you in using the Libertyeiffel compiler and its libraries. Our primary goal is to provide a working Eiffel compiler and a bunch of libraries for real life applications. Now you are in charge of coming up with a nice little program (or a new office suite), written with Liberty.

Liberty is an open project, where anyone can clone the public repository from git:// and dig into the code, improve it and get the changes into the master branch. You are welcome to provide patches, issue pull requests and to become a project member on savannah.

We are open for any bug fix or new features in the libraries or tools. And if you don't want to get your hands dirty we are happy if you create feature requests or bug reports in the issue tracker on GNU Savannah.

Please also feel free to improve these pages in this WIKI. - Although we disabled the anonymous account creation due to spamming it is simple to get an account by asking via email.