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se clean [options] <Root-Name> ... 

Command clean removes all intermediate files produced by previous compile, or compile_to_c runs. Names (<Root-Name> ...) can have the Eiffel suffix, no suffix at all, or the suffix used for Liberty Eiffel command files on your system (.make on UNIX or .BAT on Windows for example).



Display a brief summary of the command-line syntax and a complete list of finder options.


Print the name of files that would be removed, but do not remove them.e.


Print system information during the compilation (full path of loaded files, type inference score, removed files, etc.).


Show the number of the version of SmartEiffel you're using.


Example 1

To remove intermediate files produced for the HELLO_WORLD program. Type: clean hello_world You can also type: clean hello_world.e or you can also type: clean HELLO_WORLD on Unix, you can type: clean hello_world.make on DOS, you can do: clean hello_world.BAT

Example 2

Under Unix or DOS, remove all intermediates files in the current directory : clean *.e

If the root class file is not in the current directory, you can type (for Unix) : clean *.make

Option -verbose can be used to see which files are removed.